Project: Row 1412

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Status: Completed in 2015   

Building Type: Rowhouses, Duplex, and Existing Single Family Home

# Units: 7 new + Existing Single Family Home

Row 1412 is located on Capitol Hill on approximately 10,000 square feet of L3 zoned property. Originally developed as three single family houses, the project, currently under construction, consists of seven new homes and the preservation of one of the three existing single family homes. The siting of the proposal provides the opportunity to preserve an existing Ginkgo tree at the east edge of the site. The proposal will be designed around a central courtyard and walkway that connects the site from east to west and engages the Ginkgo.

The project adds density while preserving a magnificent Seattle home by relocating it on its property to make room for the additional structures.  A duplex is added behind the home with a rowhouse structure engaging the corner E Mercer Street through a series of recessed entries and stoops.  Consistent with the neighboring structures, materials include brick, stained wood and painted panel.



All b9-designed rowhouses ↴