b9 architects

Seattle modern architect / Seattle green architect

Located in Seattle, b9 architects creates innovative, modern, green architectural design solutions. We are committed to working towards achieving carbon neutrality in our built environment through thoughtful site planning, energy considerations, daylighting and material choices. Working through a comprehensive design process, we translate initial design concepts utilizing rhythm and pattern in order to create moments of contrast and difference.

We ensure that our clients are fully informed through the complete design and construction process as we maintain an open dialog to encourage and facilitate the formation of each client's vision. b9 architects has repeatedly been recognized for its design integrity and commitment to sustainability.

We also develop our own projects, securing land, creating the program, designing the projects and acquiring permits and financing. Two examples are our urban share and judkins park house projects.

B9 architects Inc, a Seattle modern green architect, is an architecture and design firm that provides architectural design services, graphic design services, and designs sculpture, as architecture without program, in order to explore spatial and volumetric formal limitations. The owner of b9 is Bradley Khouri; the office is located in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. B9architects.com is the web site for this company and can be found by searching for b9architects or b9 architects or b9. Brad Khouri also exhibits his photography on this web site. B9 architects Inc is part of a community of architects that provide design services cognizant of the importance of sustainability and awareness of the impact that green design has on the environment. B9 architects Inc creates thoughtful forms and spaces while expanding possibilities through imagination. In addition b9 architects develops small infill speculative projects in Seattle, Washington. Brad teaches architectural design studios at the University of Washington. Bradley is a leader in his profession creating eco-friendly, affordable, distinctive place-specific modern architecture. b9's seattle modern architects work focuses on innovative, sustainable, community-oriented single- and multi-family housing projects, live-work dwellings and commercial projects.