Project: Urban Trees

Neighborhood: Central District 

Status: Completed in 2008     

Building Type: Live/Work + Townhouses

# Units: 11

AIA Future Shack Award 2009

Activating the southeast corner of E Yesler Way and 19th Avenue are five attached, live-work homes and six residential townhouses. Bisecting the southern live work half from the residential north half of the project is a green drive aisle or woonerf providing access to parking, but more importantly providing a treed place for owners to mingle and gather.

Use of this outdoor space encourages social interaction and connections among people. While the transparent commercial facade at street level prioritizes the ground floor, it also informs decisions about fenestration and massing for the remainder of the building. Large openings and recesses are created in the facades with decks and glazing. The project weaves horizontal and vertical forms and materials at its exterior and interior.  


All b9-designed townhouses ↴