Project: Urban Share

Neighborhood: Central District

Status: Completed in 2012

Building Type: Duplex + Existing Single Family Home

# Units: 2 New + Existing Single Family Home

Urban Share is a speculative micro-community in Seattle’s Central District developed and designed by b9 architects.  Motivated to increase density through a thoughtful and economically viable project in the current recession, we added two new 1110 square-foot homes behind.  

The new duplex achieved the highest Built Green standard by including a thoughtful exterior envelope featuring triple-glazed windows, high-performance insulation and a rainscreen of 85-year old reclaimed cedar siding. The remaining site is entirely pervious, using drivable grass and pavers for the woonerf and courtyard as well as 100+ year-old brick reclaimed from the existing house remodel for the private patios. 

Solar preheat systems supply hot water to the high-efficiency on-demand tankless hot water heaters for domestic and radiant heat. Recycled countertops, locally sourced wood flooring, dual flush toilets, thoughtful daylighting and custom design elements throughout complement the project’s sustainable and site-specific approach.



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