Project: Radici

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

Status: Completed in 2013       

Building Type: Restaurant

Radici, formerly named Tinello, is an Italian restaurant located in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood.  Just around the corner from our former office, it provided an opportunity to directly contribute to the investment and growth of our neighborhood.  Designed and permitted in only a few weeks, it opened in early summer of 2013.  

A simple material palette compliments the incredible exposed structure of the historic building.  A bar of reclaimed wood and large elongated white tile bends through the space.  Its backdrop is a blue wall with floating steel shelves and individual chalkboards highlighted against a variation on the bar tile.  A simple steel and wood rail divides the long space, separating the bar from the main seating.  Reclaimed wood tables are set against a long bench while a dark blue wall frames the opening between the kitchen and dining space.


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