Project: Grandview

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Status: Completed in 2012

Building Type: Townhouses

# Units: 4

Grandview Townhomes contains four townhome units with parking beneath a green roof at the rear of the site. The green roof serves as private patios for two of the units along with a communal p-patch garden.  

Located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, its architecture reflects the building's progressive leanings. The homes centers onto an interior, vertical courtyard space from which people can come and go.  This courtyard serves as a place for people to experience informal interaction and bring additional natural light into the homes.  The individual homes have direct access to the central courtyard in order to activate the communal space as much as possible.

A cistern beneath the central courtyard collects the rainwater on site to be filtered and reused as gray water within the homes.  Three of the four homes were pre-sold prior to issuance of the construction permit, a testament to the project goals, location and design quality.


All b9-designed townhouses ↴