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First Thursday, August 1: So Close. So Far. by Per Farny

Join us for the opening reception of “So close. So far.”, a collection of landscape photography of the Pacific Northwest by Per Farny. The event will be hosted by b9 architects, as part of the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk. The reception will be open to friends, family, and art walk participants on August 1st from 5:30PM-7:30PM. Light refreshments and bites will be provided. We hope to see you there!

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“So Close. So Far.” explores the artist’s continued journey of connection. The dichotomy of presence / escape, solitude / isolation, empathy / apathy, all daily elements of his journey, surfaces across alternating perspectives: intimate scenes giving the viewer little leeway to remain removed, and more distant viewpoints challenging a familiar choice. The choice to glance from afar, to feign appreciation, to stroll and scroll on by, to take the visual for granted. Or, the choice to realize that everything has had a remarkable journey of its own to get to where it is. Every single pebble, blade of grass, drop of water, and the combination of their history, perseverance, endurance and placement in the frame in front of you is nothing short of magic worthy of pause, acknowledgement, and presence.

First Thursday, August 2 : Autotelic by Jacy Stewart



Summer is in full swing here at b9 architects, which means we are getting ready to host our second Pioneer Square First Thursday Artwalk this summer! We are excited to welcome local artist Jacy Stewart to display his abstract artwork in our storefront space for an exhibition entitled Autotelic.

Please join us for the opening show of Autotelic at b9 architects on Thursday, August 2nd from 5:30-7:30 PM. Light refreshments and bites will be provided. We hope to see you there!

Jacy Stewart uses water as a base wherein traditional fabric dyeing materials interact. Spontaneous in nature, each work is a unique reaction of color, texture, and form. Part chemistry, the reactions presented are found throughexperimentation, trial and error. Working in multiples Jacy seeks well balanced compositions, interactive colors, and variable dimensions. Pushing the boundries of 2-D art his work transforms paper into petri dish, visual portals through which new abstracted worlds may form. Jacy correlates his work to jazz music, viewing the materials and colors as instruments engaged in conversation with one another. Every piece then holds its own improvisational tone, finding specific rhythms, waves, and patterns. Strong lines and clear negative space are a natural byproduct of drawing with water giving his pieces a Rorschach quality through abstraction.

JACY STEWART_first thursday artwalk.jpg
June 1st : Pioneer Square Art Walk with Orlando Orozco


Due to popular demand and the unfortunate weather conditions during our last First Thursday in May, we are having an encore show of "Landscape Obscura: Landscape Paintings by Orlando Orozco" as part of Pioneer Square's First Thursday Art Walk!

Join us for fantastic art that celebrates the PNW, light snacks and drinks, and good company June 1st from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. All are welcome - friends, family, gallery hoppers and the like. We hope to see you there!

Landscape Obscura features atmospheric landscape paintings by Orlando Orozco who obsesses over the tree-lines and mountain ridges of our coveted region, as they contrast with the constantly changing skies and inescapable darkness from shadow. Through the exploration of this darkness and ample nebulae, his pieces seek to appreciate these less than idyllic conditions that provide the necessary precipitation for our specific flora to thrive.

First Friday at b9's new location!

update: First Friday was a great success!! Thanks to all who celebrated with us!

b9 architects 
invites you
to celebrate as we move into the 
corona building

610 2nd avenue
seattle, wa 98104
friday, september 5
5 – 8 pm

featuring artwork by
christine auda
pioneer square’s 
first thursday on friday

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