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Starting the new year in Fremont and Capitol Hill

Happy New Year from b9 !

2014 has been very good to us as we have steadily expanded both our office and our breadth of work. (Be on the lookout for posts on our first apartment designs !) With a new spacious office, an exciting set of new projects, a number of projects finishing up, and new additions to the team, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year !

To start off the new year, our whole team visited two projects that are close to completion. The first site we visited were the Fremont Townhomes – a project that exemplifies what b9 is all about. With a focus on community and interior and exterior buffers, the design aimed to create a dynamic internal, open courtyard, surrounded by the 10 townhomes. The modulation in material, decks, balconies, and landscape creates a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, and the variation of open air levels encourages interaction between each home. When we visited the site, it was almost like a playground, where we all scattered and explored each unit (which are all different from one another) and came back together with a favorite one.

The second site we visited were the Olive Townhomes on Capitol Hill. Thanks to Seattle’s lovely 4:30pm sunsets, we arrived at the townhomes at dusk, which made photo-taking more difficult. Nevertheless, the project is near completion and it was fun to explore the spaces in and out of the units. The design approach to this project was informed by three primary concepts: create a vernacular style architecture that provides a base “mass”, carve out a centralized open courtyard and insert an armature at the center of the courtyard that expresses itself on all façades.