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Bike everywhere, everyday

While we've been a bit quiet here on the blogosphere, our team has been incredibly active in and out of the office!

This past May was Bike Everywhere Month - "a month-long celebration of pedal powered movement" - hosted by Cascade Bicycle Club, whose mission is to improve human lives and the environment through bicycling. 

As part of Bike Everywhere Month, our formidable b9 team, consisting of Brad, Brian, Manuel, Tom, Josh, and Lisa, participated in the Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge. We are proud to share that we recorded 836 miles, reduced our carbon footprint by 736 lbs, and ranked 299 out of 1739 teams!

As community-builders, we constantly strive to improve our environment with an awareness of the impact we make in both the field of design and construction and our personal lives, and bicycling (and public transportation for the rest of our team..!) is just one of the multiple ways we address that impact. The Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge was a wonderful way to engage with our community with a greater vision, and we can't wait to participate in the next challenge!