First Thursday at b9 - "Early Bird Special" by Becca Fuhrman

We’re excited to present the work of local Seattle artist and architect-in-training Becca Fuhrman this Thursday, June 5th from 5-8pm!

Come join us for an exhibition opening and reception of “Early Bird Special” – a mixed media portrait series that examines the “typical” characteristics of a beauty portrait that go past the ideal and captures the idiosyncrasies, imperfections, and humanity of its subjects.

Becca Fuhrman studies a wide breadth of art, design, and architecture. Her interest in the human condition, its representation, and experience are the driving force behind her work. She continues to explore these themes within visual communication and representation as a project manager at Studio 216.

We’re located on 210 S. Jackson St in Pioneer Square, and this exhibition is a part of Pioneer Square’s celebrated First Thursday Art Walk. So stop by, and enjoy some great art, soothing wine, and fantastic company!