Project: 223

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Status: In Process

Building Type: Apartment

# Units: 22

The 223 apartments were designed to maximize the potential of each of its 22 studio and one bedroom units, while minimizing the project’s impact on the immediate neighbors. Three open community spaces, a central courtyard and backyard patio, and a rooftop deck, provide both a community space within the apartment, and also access to air and light for both 223 and its immediate neighbor to the north. Volumes are taken out of the southern facade to provide access to air and light to the immediate neighbor to the south. Each unit is aligned for southern light exposure, and has more than one exterior wall.

The project engages its highly pedestrian trafficked street with a community entertainment room. The entry is set back from the sidewalk behind  a planter and ramp to create a senses of privacy for the project’s tenants, and appealing texture for the neighborhood.


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