Project: yarrow passage

Neighborhood: Yarrow Bay, Kirkland

Status: On the Boards

# Units: 5

yarrow passage is a conceptual proposal for 5 residential units in Kirkland’s Yarrow Bay. The proposal's datum and core organizing element is a dynamic pathway that guides residents and guests from the street down to the lake, framing specific views of Lake Washington along the way. Centered on 3 experiences - descent, framed views, and open edge - the path responds to the site's existing natural conditions as it winds through an existing stand of evergreen trees on a steep slope before orienting toward Lake Washington and resolving as a pier on the water. 

Residential units flank the pathway when the topographical slope becomes gradual, creating a compressive and intimate experience. By fanning out from the path and stepping down the site, all units have equal access to views and privacy. The units decrease in height as they near the water, giving inner units access to views on their upper floors.