Project: Central Residence

Neighborhood: Central District

Status: In Process

Building Type: Single Family Home

This 2,600 square-foot custom home was designed for a family with one grown child preparing for university, a 1 year-old and thoughts of another.  Their desire was to create two distinct spaces at the ground level, one completely open, for the family to be together and the other semi-private for guests across a covered outdoor space.  Above, the bedrooms and shared space connect the two lower volumes and provide a vertical connective opening. 

The home is designed to be two-stories, however, under the high roof, is a mezzanine that provides a partial third floor for the parents’ sleeping quarters and home office.  The home shelters the rear yard from the street, creating a private space for the family.  Views to the northeast and east of the Cascade Mountains are captured from all floors. The roof slopes down to the south to allow for solar PV and preheat for hot water.