Project: Woodland Park Townhomes

Neighborhood: Wallingford

Status: Completed in 2015

Building Type: Townhouses

# Units: 5

Responding directly to the challenges of a typical infill lot, our project design eliminates the impact of parking while simultaneously encourages community interaction of unit owners and visitors. Consisting of two structures with two units in the front and three behind, the Woodland Park townhouse design was driven by maximizing community engagement in shared spaces. Each unit accesses parking, located under the rear structure, through an outdoor stair, increasing foot traffic through the shared space and highlighting opportunities for informal gatherings. To further encourage lingering and socializing in the courtyard, benches and landscaping frame the space while decks and roof decks offer an additional opportunity to interact with the courtyard below.

Facades are carefully articulated with varied materials, distinct window design and modulated massing, providing a textured holistic solution to scale the project to its surroundings while simultaneously responding to natural elements and landscape. Generated by a site-specific approach, the articulation improves compatibility between structure and environment.


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