Project: Pigeon Point

Neighborhood: Delridge, West Seattle

Completion Date: Under Construction

Building Type: Townhouses + Single Family

# Units: 12

Organized around a central pedestrian path leading to a shared viewpoint at its culmination, Pigeon Point, a six structure project containing twelve homes, acts as a celebration of picturesque views over the Puget Sound and Seattle’s downtown skyline. Along the path, moments of pause are provided in the form of shared courtyards detailed with distinct pavers, landscaping, and seating to create inviting spaces for residents to gather. A woonerf area blends into a minimized driveway to provide a large open area for pedestrian activities to spill into, in addition to surface parking.

Conceptualized as a gradient, Pigeon Point transitions in scale and material from street to viewpoint. On the street, structures are taller, and more condensed with a high-contrast material palette. As you move deeper along the path into the site, the buildings decrease in size while the material palette simplifies to amplify the impact of the amazing viewpoint.


All b9-designed townhouses ↴