Project: Olive Townhomes

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Status: Completed in 2015

Building Type: Townhouses

# Units: 6

The design approach is informed by three primary concepts: create a vernacular style architecture that provides a base “mass”, carve out a centralized open courtyard and insert an armature at the center of the courtyard that expresses itself on all façades. The armature highlights entries, adds scale and visual interest and contrasts the more vernacular architecture. The armature, one of the six homes in the project, activates the courtyard from above.  

The project creates an environment for owners to have informal interaction starting with the strong, long east-west entry sequence, which connects the street to the central courtyard and access to the below-grade parking. The homes, each unique, are arranged along this communal walkway and courtyard in a manner that allows connection and privacy simultaneously.



All b9-designed townhouses↴