Project: North Bend Yoga

Location: North Bend, WA         

Status: Completed in 2007

Building Type: Studio remodel

The North Bend Yoga School opened in its current location in the downtown North Bend in 2007.  An existing single story house in a commercial zone was completely remodeled with all but two interior walls removed to create the new studios, prop room and entry spaces. The larger studio is situated most publicly with the smaller studio private and removed. 

The remodel, on a minimal budget, was committed to sustainable practices.  The original fir floors were restored to their natural color, formaldehyde free Medite II (100% recycled) was used for the entry desk, linoleum floors were used in the old kitchen area, now the entry and props room and used glass doors were purchased locally from the Restore in Seattle for interior and exterior storefront doors to maximize daylight in the studio spaces.