Project: Fremont Townhomes

Neighborhood: Fremont

Status: Completed in 2015

Building Type: Townhouses

# Units: 10

Fremont Townhomes proposes to create a community of ten homes responding to the proximity to and dynamic qualities of Fremont.  The scheme celebrates the pedestrian and minimizes the automobile, infusing a thoughtful approach to infill development.  A series of communal and private exterior spaces offer varied opportunities for interaction.  All sides of the proposal are highly modulated resulting in a site specific solution that engages its edges and neighbors with respect and enthusiasm. 

The street facing homes engage the sidewalk through individual front stoops, following the site’s topography.  Access to the courtyard is through shared spaces from Fremont Avenue N and the alley at the rear.  Oriented north-south, the courtyard is designed to maximize access to daylight and to connect all homes internally.  Spaces of varying sizes and orientation provide opportunities for interaction at all edges of the project and at its center.


All b9-designed townhouses ↴