Project: Modern on 12th

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Completion Date: In Process

Building Type: Townhouses

# Units: 10

Two rectangular parcels in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood have been adjusted L-shaped parcels allowing an irregular rhythmic response to the site constraints.  Responding to two site’s topography alternating duplexes and triplexes are proposed on the two adjacent parcels, stepping down the grade. The street-facing homes are lifted above the street with all homes connecting at a central courtyard. 

The massing responds to the existing rhythm of duplexes across the street and larger adjacent structures, and are scaled through modulation and varied materials. Private amenity space is located in decks and roof decks with the at grade amenity area focused in varied spaces in the courtyard.  Multiple homes on each parcel connect directly to the shared space with large transparent roll-up garage doors to encourage interaction and indoor-outdoor connections.

Shared walkway from the street, with addresses and mailboxes attached to and located below it. Varied paving, planters and larger landscaping activate the courtyard and setback to the street.  It is currently under construction, estimated to be completed in autumn 2015.